About Us

SHS Holdings

Sustainable Housing Solutions (SHS) aims to provide a turn-key solution – by providing high-quality, affordable homes and communities, as well as creating jobs – in order to address the current shortfall of affordable dwellings in developing countries.  SHS work with governments, NGOs and the private sector and has multiple partners, including UNOPS.

Through the Sustainable Infrastructure Impact Investments (S3i) initiative UNOPS aims to attract private sector financing to national development projects in emerging markets. 

To date, SHS has signed agreements with UNOPS to deliver over    1 million affordable houses in six countries (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Guinea, India and Pakistan).  The aggregate contract value of the global scheme is an estimated $45bn, in what UNOPS has declared “one of the most ambitious affordable housing projects in the world.”

This global initiative will holistically address both the need to expedite the construction of homes, and the provision of finance to purchase them.  SHS Finance works closely with local banks to reduce the cost of mortgages so people in low and middle-income families can afford to buy their first home.

By bringing together innovative materials, proprietary construction technology and like-minded companies, SHS is able to deliver progressive, affordable projects at speed and scale.

SHS is committed to returning value to our stakeholders and our core strategy is based around a programme of sustainable development, creating a lasting legacy that will make a positive mark on society, nature and technology.




Our History

Like many great companies, SHS was born out of a need. Spurred by widespread global issues, the founders realised they could apply a private sector approach to start to solve these challenges.

The founding board observed that while there are many great, innovative businesses working to improve the lives of those in developing countries – they need to work together to operate at scale, with greater efficiency.

The group of experienced professionals, with backgrounds in finance, energy and housing, created a strong, sustainable organisation that can apply commercial skills and a great passion for sustainable development.

Together these elements can be combined to great a powerful legacy, one that will improve lives for many generations to come. This is how SHS came to be – a new organisation but one with an experienced team and a group of partners that have been transforming lives for many years.

Our Board Members

Our board brings a wealth of experience to our operations. Each member is dedicated to our mission of improving lives and is committed to using their skills and expertise to bring about positive change

Tan Sik Choon

Tan Sik Choon is Co-Founder and Director of the SPRL Group in Malaysia. The SPRL Group has interest in sustainable agriculture with focus in the integration of renewable energy, water and food nutrients.

Prior to setting up the SPRL Group in 2008, he was involved in strategic planning, corporate finance, business turnarounds and venture capital for more than fifteen years.

Bert holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Melbourne, Australia and is a Certified Professional in Measurement and Verification (CPMV Malaysia) from Malaysian Green Technology Corporation, an organisation under the purview of Malaysia’s Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment & Climate Change.

Todd Betts


Todd Betts is the Chief Financial Officer at SHS Holdings. A Canadian national, Todd has over 25 years of international experience across various industries and has held a number of senior positions within financial departments.

While in Canada, he worked within the media and entertainment sector for firms such as Corus Entertainment and Alliance Atlantis Communications, beginning his career at KPMG.

Outside his home country, Todd has worked mainly for multi-sector groups with a primary focus on property development, investment and management. Companies include Hutchison Whampoa in Hong Kong and TECOM Group (a subgroup of Dubai Holding), where he was Group CFO and held a number of board positions with group companies.

Todd is a professional Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University, Canada. He is based at the SHS office in Dubai.


Rachel Teo Kah Chee

Rachel is a Director of Daniel Teo Group of Companies – a Real Estate Investment, Development and Management Company based in Singapore and founded by her father Mr Daniel Teo – a Singaporean philanthropist, a real estate developer and architect.

An entrepreneur in her own right, Rachel started 222 Queen Street Pte Ltd and 408 JCP Pte Ltd and conduct businesses in US, Australia, Germany and the UK.  She is an advocate for caring for an ageing society and has keen interest in Arts and Heritage.  She was, until recently, an Advisory Board member of the Asian Civilisations Museum and Director of The Private Museum – a non-profit organisation established by the Teo family which encourages art collectors to come forward to share their collection with the public. Rachel is also one of the Directors of The Teng Ensemble, which is a non-profit arts company centred around a Chinese chamber music ensemble.

Rachel currently sits on the board of the University of Melbourne Alumni Council and has been made a member of the Asian Advisory Board (AAB) of the University, and a past committee member of Trinity College’s Pathways School Business Committee (PSBC).  She was past President and ongoing committee member of the University of Melbourne Alumni Association Singapore.

Dr Allen Zimbler


Dr Allen Zimbler serves as Chief Integrating Officer of Investec plc. He formerly served as Head of Human Resources at Investec UK and as the Chief Integrating Officer of Investec Limited. Prior to Investec, Allen ran his own strategic management and organisation development consultancy over a twenty-year period. During this time, he consulted to numerous organisations internationally in the fields of culture, strategy formulation and implementation and organisation development.

He spent 15 years as an academic staff member at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, where he was, for the last four years, a full Professor and Head of Department at the Graduate School of Business Administration.

Dr. Zimbler has strong beliefs in education and developing youth talent. He is the Chairman of Ju/’hoansi Development Fund, part of the Save the San initiative to build village schools for the Bushman children in Namibia, and he is the Director of the Tutu African Leadership Institute, developing promising young leaders from all over the African continent.

In the UK, Dr. Zimbler is a member of the honourable society of the Knights of the Round Table, a charity providing bursaries for young people and Governor of Morpeth School, a high school in the economically deprived borough of Tower Hamlets in London. Dr. Zimbler studied at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, where he a PhD in Organisational Psychology, focused on the themes of leadership and authority.

Noel Lyons


With 30 years of experience “primarily across Africa”, Noel is the Founder and Director of Clean Investment Africa plc and has worked for companies including Amoco/BP, Coca Cola, Kentz Corporation Plc, and Oilinvest International. He has worked across Africa and the Middle East.

He has knowledge of private and public investment, fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and PLC management and the preparation of companies for several listings on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange and the ISDX Growth Market in both a management and advisory capacity, including as co-founder and Non-Executive Director of Karoo Energy plc.

Noel serves as the CEO of Equatorial Oil & Gas plc, which is developing hydrocarbon opportunities in Africa. Noel has an MBA and masters in Accounting and Finance.