About Us

SHS Holdings

Sustainable Housing Solutions (SHS) aims to provide a turn-key solution – by providing high-quality, affordable homes and communities, as well as creating jobs – in order to address the current shortfall of affordable dwellings in developing countries.  By bringing together cutting-edge technologies, materials and knowhow, SHS is not just building innovative and affordable homes but sustainable communities.  

We have embarked on an exciting 30 year program of investment in affordable housing across the developing world. To date, SHS has signed agreements to deliver affordable houses in various countries.  The aggregate contract value of the global scheme is an estimated $45bn, in what is declared “one of the most ambitious affordable housing projects in the world.”

Of course, we cannot do this alone but in partnership working with local communities, national governments, NGOs, Development Finance Institutes, progressive investors and UN organizations such as UNOPS who have provided seed loans to allow us to help facilitate our work. 

SHS is committed to returning value to our stakeholders and our core strategy is based around a program of sustainable development, creating a lasting legacy that will make a positive mark on society, nature and technology. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain issues and complex land allocations have caused some initial delays, over this 30 year program SHS is more committed than ever to deliver our global affordable housing programs. 




Our History

Like many great companies, SHS was born out of a need. Spurred by widespread global issues, the founders realised they could apply a private sector approach to start to solve these challenges.

The founding board observed that while there are many great, innovative businesses working to improve the lives of those in developing countries – they need to work together to operate at scale, with greater efficiency.

The group of experienced professionals, with backgrounds in finance, energy and housing, created a strong, sustainable organisation that can apply commercial skills and a great passion for sustainable development.

Together these elements can be combined to great a powerful legacy, one that will improve lives for many generations to come. This is how SHS came to be – a new organisation but one with an experienced team and a group of partners that have been transforming lives for many years.